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    CNC 3018 Y Axis - horrible jogging noise

    Hey all,

    Got a BangGood CNC 3018.

    LINK: https://www.banggood.com/3018-3-Axis...r_warehouse=CN

    Didn't expect much from it, and that was confirmed after I put it together and tried to jog it...

    The Y-axis makes a horrible chugging/grinding noise - like the steps are not being cycled sequentially; like it's fighting itself.

    If I put the X-axis stepper on the Y-axis control port - the X-axis now makes the same behaviour (it's the Y-axis controller).

    I've already asked the manufacturer for comment - but just on the off chance this is a "known issue" - I thought I'd try here to see if anyone knew of the fix.

    Else I'll just wait for manufacturer to get back to me; will advise what they do to fix it.


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    Re: CNC 3018 Y Axis - horrible jogging noise

    I would not expect much help from the Vendor.
    I would check the wiring on the Y Axis Motor Driver. It might be just a simple wire swap.

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    Re: CNC 3018 Y Axis - horrible jogging noise

    You get a machine from "BangGood" and you're surprised that it bangs so well? Try dialing down the acceleration on the axis giving troubles, see if that helps.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: CNC 3018 Y Axis - horrible jogging noise

    Replace the driver. Just a reprap 3d printer step stick stuck on the GRBL board. Less than 3 bucks for those usually. I'd also put heatsinks on them, those WILL burn up without them.

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    Re: CNC 3018 Y Axis - horrible jogging noise

    In my case the "noise" is in the x axis and comes from the stepper motor. The axis was bended and it was forcing the stepper damaging it... it still works but makes noise.

    In the stepper says "Anchuan Motor 57HD0401 - 15SB 1.8 2.0A N1801"

    Any Ideas For a replacement!?

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    Re: CNC 3018 Y Axis - horrible jogging noise

    If its just bearing noise, they are quite easy to replace.
    Theres not much else to go wrong.

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    Re: CNC 3018 Y Axis - horrible jogging noise

    I had this same problem with my Banggood CNC. I was making a grinding noice and not jogging at all. I replaced the driver and it worked like a charm. Great advice underthetire!

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    Re: CNC 3018 Y Axis - horrible jogging noise

    I had this problem with my 3018 CNC and the problem turned out to be the 4 wire cable from the board to the stepper. The wires that come with these steppers are pretty stiff, and I believe it's possible to have a fractured wire inside the jacket even if they appear OK on the outside. Because I was using the new board with integrated stepper drivers, I tried a new board with no success, then a new stepper and it had the same problem!! Then I made a new cable and voila! It works flawlessly now. If anyone else has this issue, try a different cable, you might be surprised.

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    Re: CNC 3018 Y Axis - horrible jogging noise

    Well now........having been a UTUBE browser for a long watch into the middle of the night on quite a few occasion the 3018 mini router caught my attention as a fun thing to do.

    A guy called Roger Webb has reviewed it and suggested a few mods on a few videos, and another guy called Minh's Cave Workshop has extensively modified his one too....... and so I bit the bullet, took the bait and went and bought one........all A$268.00 of it for a basic model.

    Why did I want it?........ as I already have a CNC Skyfire SVM-0 mill that will make things with more capability than the miniscule 3028......it's a fun thing in the end.

    BUT......in it's basic build it's a long way from being ideal and doing anything apart from scratchings on wood and plastic.

    The frame is too flimsy to do anything significant with force as the X axis, being mainly unsupported round 8 mm diam rods, flexes under load.

    So I decided to redesign the total package right from the ground up without taking the parts out of the box as I want to use it for small jobs and cut metal with some conviction of an outcome using the original design as a guide line then selling the unused original package on again to another lucky wannabee user.

    The redesign will be, 2040 uprights and top rail, SBR12 linear rails for X, Y and Z axes, 500 watt brushless spindle motor, 650 oz/in Nema 17 steppers, 1204 ball screws on all axes, a solid 10mm thick aluminium table and a Mach3 control board.

    It's practically plug and play as all of the sections still lend themselves to bolt together with corner bracket construction like the original etc.

    The spindle motor is the expensive part as a 500 watt brushless motor with ER11 chuck and driver cost A$169.00 on EBAY as opposed to A$58 for the brushed 500 watt one.

    I plan on a solid table from 300 X 180 10mm aluminium, same area size as it's a 3018 and not going to be a bigger giant just much stronger physically to handle aluminium and engraving brass.

    A 25mm MDF spoil board is normally used anyway so the extrusion table has to go and the solid table only has a few tapped holes for the necessary.

    The Z axis will be a complete revision with a 6mm plate saddle for the SBR bearing blocks and 1204 ball screws.........the aluminium motor mount that comes with the motor will bolt onto a 6mm plate on the Z axis and will have 60mm of travel to cater for drill chucks and drills etc.

    I already have all the 2020 extrusion supplied cut to size from a local supplier for the main framework with screws and brackets and just waiting for the 2040 extrusion to come........ a 500 watt brushed motor has just arrived.....brushless maybe next.

    As soon as I start the build I'll start a new thread as there are many users that would like to have a miniscule metal monster with more oomph than the buy in one.

    BTW, an all steel tube welded or brazed one could be made for a lot less and much quicker too if you like cutting steel tube and can do welding or brazing.

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