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    CNC 3D Milling Custom Job - Timber

    Looking for a rough price to get something made. I've never had anything like this done before so Im just looking for a ballpark estimate.

    The largest dimensions are: 750mm (L) × 350mm (W) × 78mm (H). To be milled from timber that I'll supply. I can only supply SVG, OBJ or STL files so they'll have to be converted. Nothing too complicated...mostly straight cuts (if that matters).

    I have no idea where to start price wise. I'm thinking maybe $150? Anywhere in that range and I'll be happy 👍


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    Re: CNC 3D Milling Custom Job - Timber

    You can probably get away with a CNC router, your tolerances are likely to be wide open.

    What's your budget? How big are these signs? How much space do you have for equipment?

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