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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > CNC "do-it-yourself" > CNC beginner setting up 3040 engraver mill
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    CNC beginner setting up 3040 engraver mill

    Hey, so way back in 2014 I bought a 3040 CNC engraver but never managed to get it set up. It was a pretty generic Chinese 3040T-DJ model, I think this is the same one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32320079504.html. Basically my issue at that time was a lack of a parallel port on my PC and having no 32-bit OS.

    Now after many years, I am trying to get this thing started again. My requirements for the software are that it run on x64 Windows, so I think I have to go to Mach 4 for this.

    I have read that I can use an ESS SmoothStepper to interface with Mach 4 on my x64 PC and get better performance than if I used the parallel port.

    My question is if I need any other items to get the machine to run. I have seen mention of various breakout boards which I think control the steppers, but do I need these or do I just plug the parallel port cable from my CNC controller box into the SmoothStepper?

    As you can probably tell I am an absolute newbie with CNC so I appreciate any assistance, thanks.

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    Re: CNC beginner setting up 3040 engraver mill

    I think it will be easy to use the UC100 USB for this cheap machine and newbie

    You can use this box if you like the SmoothStepper,

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