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    CNC Control Board Advise

    Hi Everyone

    I have a 6040 machine with a BSMCE04U control board.

    I'm currently looking changing a few things:
    1. Limit and maybe Home switches (I see you can't use the same switches from another thread in here).
    2. Auto Z probe.
    3. Replacement Cooling Fan (Currently is a high speed 60mm).

    Sorry if these are stupid questions but I would like to make 100% sure of a few things before I cock anything up.

    1.1 Everyone seems to say that normally open switches are a bad idea but that this board uses them. Is there a way to use normally closed switches (have ordered ones with both) but have a inverter or some such in line that converts that to open for the controller (effectively a Not gate) or would that just add more complexity there by eliminating the benefit of a normally closed switch?

    1.2 Do the inputs/outputs matter? All of the diagrams have Input 2 for limits and 3 for Home ect but does it really matter since you have to map everything in Mach3 anyway? If you want to to add say a output for coolant ect (via relay) could you use Output 1 or 4 which dont show on the diagram or an alternate input for whatever reason.

    2. Probe seems easy enough other than maybe editing a few scripts and Youtube seems to ahve that covered.

    3. The board has a few connections that dont seem to be documented (10V and a Ground, see attached) . I'm assuming the second ground is just a standard ground but with the 10V is that an output generated by the Board? The second diagram attached seems to say that it is (must connect 24V or the 10V will not work) . Any idea of max Current output? I would like to replace the 60mm fan with a 12V 120mm fan ( 0.3-05 A most likely) for quieter operation and run it at 10V (save adding another power source). The 60mm fan also seems to cool 2 of the 4 drivers and the 120mm should hit them all and pull more air.

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    Re: CNC Control Board Advise

    OK, I have answered some of my own questions in case anyone cares or the great internet needs to know.

    1.2 Found a page that mentioned that the outputs are general purpose. Guess you can just use them for anything.
    3. 10V port is the speed control signal for the VFD. 0-10v depending on spindle speed so I guess thats out.

    Sort of answers both. Would have been nice if they labeled diagram

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    Re: CNC Control Board Advise

    Quick Update

    For the Inputs at least they do seem to be mapped to specific functions in Mach3. In4 is the Digitizer for example as per the diagram linked in my last post.

    I'm guessing the same would not be true for the parallel version as those pins need to be mapped.

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    CNC Control Board

    Of course, input and outputs matters. Refer to the schematic diagram of the machine.

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