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    CNC controller reviews

    Hi all I know this conversation has been here before

    see these from China
    Any reviews or anybody have one or one similar,



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    Re: CNC controller reviews

    I just bought the CC-Z4 from the manufacturer via alibaba, So far I’m happy with it, and feel I have not lost my money.
    I have been using mach3, and whilst getting into the CC-0Z4, I still am thinking in "mach3" and "PC" mode. Which led me into some minor misunderstandings of the CC-Z4.
    However this is not about the CC-Z4, its about getting used to a new controller.
    Its appears to be fast enough, it has intelligence, and many things can be done with a job such as nesting, rotate, scaling etc.
    Nesting is handy in the controller.
    I haven’t been through how it interprets all the G & M codes yet. The manual is english, but have to scratch your head at times and try to determine what the intended Chinese to English interpretation means.
    I’ve managed to work it all out though.
    I also bought the torch lifter and THC, both look like there has been some thought gone into the design and operation.
    There's nothing on any screens to tune the steppers, step pulse and frequency isn’t written anywhere. Don't use cheap stepper drivers though. It seems modern Chinese CNC technology is up to date, so use reasonable quality drivers and motors.
    You'll also need a 24V DC power supply for the PLC part of the CC-Z4. Limits/home/etc are single wire and ground.
    However the motor drivers step and dir pulses are balanced line signals, so your motor driver must be capable of these signals.

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    Re: CNC controller reviews

    CC-Z4 does not have Z axis control, only X & Y axis.
    So to move Z you need THC.

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    Re: CNC controller reviews

    Any updates on the CC-Z4 controller?
    I purchased from China a plasma with this controller and a drill with a 4th axis and do dot know how it can work from the manual. (not enough outputs?)
    I do not have the plasma yet.

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    Re: CNC controller reviews

    There is not a Z output on the CC-Z4 controller, There are however plenty of outputs, Its not that clear in the manual but a lot of the "M" commands correspond to a relative output.
    For example it appears ( I haven’t tested it though) M42, M44, M46 commands relate to output pins 16, 17, 18 for drill up, drill down, drill on. The controller can accommodate 4 oxy cutting torches, so some of these outputs could be used for other functions. You should be able to turn the drill on and off, and drill down and up, however I don't know about setting drill height above the table, and the method to lower the drill to a certain depth. Also the drill up/down, on/off outputs are just plain old binary on/off, there are no stepper pulse and dir commands. So if using steppers, you’ll have to configure the motor controller outside of the CC-Z4, with pulse train oscillator, and logic for the drill up/down to stepper dir signals. Its just a little awkward, but can be done.
    I had to ask a few question to the Chinese vendor I purchased from, He was quite helpful.
    Shane, Brisbane, AU

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