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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > PlanetCNC > CNC goes outside limits after tool change
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    CNC goes outside limits after tool change


    Using Mk2/4 with tool change.

    After some tool change (but not always), the machine moves into the wrong direction and stops because of the X or Y limits are violated.

    When "restarting the program" from the tool change line, the machine systematically do the same error. This is not a random hardware or communication error.

    If I remove all the code from the start of the file to the tool change, manually set/measure the tool, and then start the program from the beginning, it works.

    Looking at the trajectory in the software (in attachments), the computer is "aware" of this erroneous moving so it deliberately go into a wrong direction.

    I'm starting/stopping the inverter manually so I activated all the pauses available.

    I tried to set something other than the default 0/0 in the "Tool sensor" / "Tool sensor Fixed / "move" boxes. With X50/Y50 :
    - Move above tool sensor OK
    - Measure tool OK
    - Go to 50/50 (relative from tool sensor ?) OK
    - Ask for program restart (because of the PAUSE option checked), I guess, not sure
    - Go to working area FAILS, the machine move to a negative X and/or Y coordinates

    Any ideas?

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    Re: CNC goes outside limits after tool change

    up... no ideas? Official support looks to be down...

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    Re: CNC goes outside limits after tool change

    Why do you think our support is down?

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