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    CNC in Garage

    I've purchased a Fireball Comet, live in north Texas, and want to know if there would be any problems associated with having the computer that runs the router in the garage.

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    Dust and heat will be your main issues. The comet is small enough to consider putting it into an enclosure. That would be my first choice. CNC routers raise an incredible level of dust, and your garage will otherwise soon be coated everywhere.

    If enclosing the router is not possible, then the computer case needs to be protected seperately. An enclosure with a big A/C filter and an exhause fan is best. The computer needs airflow for cooling, but dust will settle inside the case and act as a thermal blanket, if not filtered out, eventually killing the electronics.

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    When using fans for cooling, it is generally better to implement filtered positive pressure enclosure.
    IOW, place a filter on all incoming Fan cooling.
    In this case fans should not be expelling air.
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    Thanks guys, I'll enclose the router with the exhaust as recommended. I appreciate the help.

    More later,


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    Re: CNC in Garage

    For the dust-in-computer problem, you could consider placing the entire computer in a big, fully sealed metal casing. The fans of the computer distribute the heat evenly in the inside of the casing. The metal casing can transfer the heat to the surrounding, dusty air.

    Ah, I see I'm replying to a 9 year old discussion. I hope somebody can still benefit from it.

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