The Job

Prepare and operate CNC machines to cut a variety of materials including MDF, plywood, hardwood, plastics, aluminium as well 3D carving in foam

Understand specifications of the task at hand and the desired result by reading drawings and working with the designers and makers to determine the best practice for each job

Prepare and load raw sheet materials onto the machines and manage use of offcuts

Testing different materials and tools to determine best practice and set standards of operation for all machines

Set machines to complete full cycles with multiple tool changes – we have auto tool changing on our two CNC machines

Supervise the machines while they execute the tasks and make any necessary adjustments to produce a better result

Inspect finished products and compare them with requirements

Check and maintain machinery to ensure functionality and to troubleshoot any issues or breakages that happen

Manage your own time effectively working cohesively with a large team of makers.

-Proven experience as CNC router and large format laser cutter operator
-Skill in operating CNC machinery and knowledge of router tooling
-Ability to read and interpret mechanical documents and drawings
-Computer savvy with good understanding of computer programming and CAD/CAM
-Experience using Vectric Aspire CNC software
-Experience using RD Works laser cutting software
-Experience using Rhino 3D, AutoCAD and Illustrator
-Mechanical aptitude and good math skills
-A keen eye for detail and results-driven approach
-A 'can do' attitude
-The ability to work closely with a large team of makers