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    CNC Lathe and Mill work, 6061, 4130, 304

    My company needs a shop that can produce some protoype items for a product that's been in R&D for sometime. Everything has been made on our in house CNC machines up to this point, but now its time to start outsourcing a lot of the components due to time constraints. We require that you work from 3D vector files, fusion or step format. Materials are 6061, 304 and 4130. All pretty small parts, think firearms parts (nothing to do with firearms but similar in size).

    We need about a dozen full assemblies made for final function testing and destruction tests.

    We will need a partner who can machine a portion of our production work as well, while some of the parts we are having machined right now for proto work will be die cast, MIM or forged, a lot will still need to be CNC machined. Order volumes will be in the 500 unit to 1000 units per order , with at least 4 POs per year. So the larger your production capability the better.

    I am the head design engineer on this project and have a few other engineers working with me on it. We will be available for any tolerance or critical geometry questions that arise during programming or machining. The majority of the models we are getting quoted have already been machined so there are no fantasy parts. There may be a few parts that were designed for MIM or die cast that have draft or sharp inside corners that obv will need small, non critical adjustments for machinability.

    We will require a signed NDA before releasing the files for quote. Feel free to contact me at william@superstik.com for more info. Thanks all!

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    Re: CNC Lathe and Mill work, 6061, 4130, 304

    Email sent


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    Re: CNC Lathe and Mill work, 6061, 4130, 304

    Over 30 year in cnc machining parts business.CNC Turning, Milling, Drilling, Planning, Grinding, Welding www.plusminusthree.com Email:kon@plusminusthree.com

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    Re: CNC Lathe and Mill work, 6061, 4130, 304

    Email sent with NDA attached- Cheers, Gary

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    Re: CNC Lathe and Mill work, 6061, 4130, 304

    If you still have a requirement for machined parts CNC Lathe Mill 3-4 axis...

    ISO9001/AS9100 certified

    Charlie Vetter

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    Re: CNC Lathe and Mill work, 6061, 4130, 304

    Jinan Forsun CNC Machinery Co.Ltd is the professional CNC Router manufacturers with its 20 years experience. Until now, more than 15,000 cnc router machines have been installed by more than 80 countries and areas for furniture field like door, cabinet makers, advertising field for acrylic, ABS board and plastic PVC users, mould field such as soft metal aluminum and copper working areas. https://forsuncnc.com/cnc-router-machine/

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