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    Cnc machine homemade

    Hi.. good afternoon thanks for let me in on this forum... sorry if my english is not really good.. mi name is sam and iam design a cnc homemade and iam going to use for my x axis and my z iam going to use 4 inches x4inches of wall thickness 3mm and its going to be 1500 mm of long and 1500 milimeters of wide... and going to use homemade transmision with open belt and nema 23 medium torque.. and i need to work wood plastic and aluminium .. could anyone tell me or help me if my design of the structure is good .. or if i could use another perfil for the structure.. i also have 120x60 or 180x65milimeters to use for the structure x and y and z axis.. what could i use for main frame and for portic or z axi.. i appreciate if someone could help me.. thanks a loti

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    Re: Cnc machine homemade

    Hi Sam, and welcome to the Forum. Lots of good information on building machines, check out some of the posts.
    Where are you located?

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