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    CNC Making Guitar Amp Chassis

    Very new to CNC so looking forward to receiving expert opinions and advice from experienced members. Thank you

    I'm looking into making guitar amp chassis and am researching a suitable pan box brake for bending chassis, bendable grade of aluminum, or galvanised steel.
    I'm assuming will need to cut the metal flat on the bed of the machine then fold the metal, can't fold chassis then cut holes?

    I'm thinking small scale one man, small business producing boutique amplifiers. What specs should a CNC machine have, options, software, ideally open source? I've read a little bit about lasers, spindles and stuff in general. To try and get a basic angle on all this stuff. Any advice on makes I might be looking at that would be able to cut holes in 16 gauge and accept size of chassis, would be appreciated.

    Chassis size I'm thinking of.
    Size: 483 x 238 x 70 mm material: 16 gauge 1.5mm steel
    Size: 432 x 65 x 170 mm
    Material: 2 mm Aluminum (AllMg3)
    Have a look at attached screenshots to get an idea of what chassis would look like.

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    Re: CNC Making Guitar Amp Chassis

    Hi Polly - I would find a good sheet metal contractor that can laser cut and bend your parts. They will have the correct equipment and a good price to do your parts and you can concentrate on doing the rest of the biz. Your biz is selling amplifiers not making the chassis. Peter

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    Re: CNC Making Guitar Amp Chassis

    It’s hard to get a read on your knowledge of laser cutters from this post so I’m going to assume is basic. Most of the lasers discussed here are CO2 or diode style that do not cut metal. Lasers that cut metal at that gauge are all industrial at some very high cost. You might look into plasma cutters however the edges can be rough. I don’t have a plasma so don’t know well they cut.
    I think this is a case for an automated punch system which is also expensive and large I assume.

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    Re: CNC Making Guitar Amp Chassis

    OK, thanks for the input.

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