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    CNC Operator's Work Documentation

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum and this industry, I am an MBA grad, working with my dad in his own company, I've been here for the past few days and observed the following:

    1. The Operators had nothing like a documentation and even the programs what they do, they write on a rough paper which is not saved after few days.
    2. Once they set the job properly, the only thing they do is to read some newspaper or being busy on the mobile till the job is done.

    So, considering these aspects, I want to propose the following:

    1. Give them a journal/book where in they will have to write down each operation/job description and the total time it took on a session basis.
    2. I want to give them some activity which will boost their knowledge at the same time help them focus only on the production and job related.

    Please help me with the necessary, so that I can implement them at the earliest. I serious need these things so kindly help me in what ever way you can.

    Thank You

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    Re: CNC Operator's Work Documentation

    Hi, i have been in this business since 1968 and have plenty of observations regarding your observations.
    Been doing this too long

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    Re: CNC Operator's Work Documentation

    Given that he posted this back in 2014, I suspect that if he hasn't figured it out by now... he's not going to.

    That said... eh... the level of documentation needed depends on the kind of shop under discussion. Aerospace manufacturing would be vastly different than a small job shop that targets prototype & one-off or repair work.

    From a human-factors perspective; you're going to have to compensate them for added workload - and learning is added workload (otherwise they will - possibly unconsciously, possibly not - resent it and try to avoid it). I would suggest implementing bonuses for continuing education; as well as bonuses for deploying new skills on the shop floor. However, at a certain point they will run out of new things to learn; so don't be too surprised when it does finally happen (this is, at least to date, a temporary state - eventually new things are discovered; and someone who is a literal know-it-all will become a knows-almost-all).

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    Re: CNC Operator's Work Documentation

    We filled out similar documentation to send cargo to a foreign company. But the problem was how to make such a document in a foreign language. Because we had to comply with all the regulations. Fortunately I found here https://isaccurate.com/legal-translation-agencies an excellent list of agencies that do translations into different languages of the world. I chose the most suitable ones and applied to them. Thus I quickly received the documentation. So if I have to work with another country too, it will definitely come in handy.

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