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    CNC Programing School

    Hi all,
    Little background here. I currently run a CNC shop out here in west Texas. Started out back in 2011 not knowing what a CNC is, got good, learned setups, programing, and basic to intermediate troubleshooting. During this time I have pretty much been refereed to as the "mad scientist" since what ever they can think of, I can usually setup and run. Now while they think I'm this great machinist, I'll be the first to admit that I stumbled upon CNC machining, and still have a lot to learn.
    Today I was informed by the higher ups, that if I'm interested, the company will be willing to pay to further my education in regards to CNC programing. One of them even said if it requires me to go to California or Kentucky to learn from the machine builders themselves, they would cover it. My question to y'all is, does anyone know of a school that is very good in teaching programing? We have one close out in Odessa, but last guy we sent there just made freebees for the instructors company to give away. Any help y'all can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: CNC Programing School

    It sounds like you are one of those guys who is a natural. Few and far between. It really sounds like you have it under control, and your skill set will naturally increase as you spend more time on the machines and programming. Unfortunately this presents a bit of a problem for you. Your boss wants you to go to school and if you decline it will look like you are not interested in moving forward. A real dilemma. The problem is that in most cases, the school will teach you what you already know. I don't think you have a choice, you need to take them up on the offer, and you might learn some new tricks.

    Having said that, the next problem is where to go. If the machine manufacturer offers courses in programming their machines, then I think that would be the way to go.

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    Re: CNC Programing School

    I plan on taking them up on this. Just not too sure on where would be good to go. Their talking about either Haas or Mazak for any schooling... Only problem is I'm actively trying to remove both makers from my shop. Maybe Doosan might have something. Wherever they decide to send my (if I cant find anything), I'll take it. I'm more than happy to learn.

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