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Thread: CNC Rebuild

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    CNC Rebuild

    I am in the process of rebuilding a 4x8 K2 CNC that has been abused. I bought it at an auction and it must have been out in the weather for about a year. All of the aluminum is perfect but electronics are gone. This has totally destroyed the linear rails. I am looking for replacements and the numbers on the bearings do not seem to help. Any help on information on them and where to get new rails would help.

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    Re: CNC Rebuild

    Lintech Motion makes an "HRC" profile rail series. Have a look at their site and compare dimensions, might be the ticket.

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    Re: CNC Rebuild

    ou can take Measurement rail from the bottom to top of the block and width of the rail, hole spacing on the block, and use any brand rails all have the same bolt pattern 60mm spacing
    XZero cnc

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