I wanted to upgrade my 2014 VELOX 3650 CNC Router with a new controller and larger motors with encoders. Unfortunately, Velox CNC has closed due to the pandemic. Searching the internet, I found a writeup on Curtis Peterson (Peterson-Engineering.com) in one of the forums. Curtis is the former Chief Engineer at Velox CNC. He is very knowledgeable in CNC design, software, and operation. After several emails and a phone discussion, we agreed upon a scope of work. I bought the controller, 5 stepper motors with encoders, pendant, Z-probe, and cables from him. I received the components in about 3 weeks. The controller was professionally built and well laid out using high quality components and heavy duty cabling. I had some problems getting the system up and running. Curtis was johnny on the spot with support. We were able to resolve the problem over the phone while Curtis remoted into my computer. His troubleshooting was very methodical and professional. Ultimately, it turned out to be a loose plug during shipping. Once the problem was found, he provided a verbal summary of the troubleshooting, results and why the solution was the correct one – fantastic support. The whole system works fantastic. Even though we did not speed up the mechanical drive screw, the output from G-code to final carved product seems to be much faster.

Curtis Peterson (Peterson-Engineering.com) provides CNC Retrofit Ethernet Controllers, CAD-CAM-CNC Consulting, Mach 4 software, and service/support for Mach3/4 controlled CNC milling, router, and plasma machines.