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    CNC to Position a Part Holder jig for Brazing

    My goal to use the CNC Machine to Plot & Position a Part Holder Jig on the table in exact correct position while stopping so that I can Weld/braze the Part to the Table, then re-starting on to the next plot & position. I need to Plot the XY-Position & Z-Rotation of the Part Holder Jig on the table in the exact position of the 3D Modeled Part. The Parts are positioned exactly in a 3D File Format, DXF, OBJ, 3DStudio, etc.. My enquiry your advisory on how to make the CAM Toolpath do this. I have failed to accomplish this simple task in CAM. position the tool "Part Holder Jig" at the center of the 3D Modeled part, turn the Tool in Z-Rotate to the same Degree as the 3D Modeled part & stop the machine so I can insert the actual 3d Modeled part & Braze it to the Table.

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    Re: CNC to Position a Part Holder jig for Brazing

    Searching for my CNC Goal of "XY Part Holder Jig & Positioner" " I find vocabulary referencing similar CNC Toolpath Techniques like XYZ Positioning Stage, Camera XY Positioning Stage, Part Holder Jig, Gantry.

    In this video at time 50 seconds the author illustrates what I am interested in, how to generate a toolpath for XYZ Position & Rotation, really simple, just move the "Part Holder Jig" XYZ & RotateZ.

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    Re: CNC to Position a Part Holder jig for Brazing

    New to CNC I am finding Solidworks CAM to be "3D Model Driven AutoCalculated Toolpaths". These toolpaths do not have the basic function of "Position XYZ, RotateZ" & then Stop. CAM will turn all different ways Milling around the 3D Model but it won't just simply go to the center of the 3D Model and Rotate to the exact degree of the 3D Model & stop.

    How did the author above get the CAM to "Autocalculate a toolpath" that would position the camera XY & then stop? He had to program or tell the CAM to Position XY according to a 3D Model Axis that he have imported into Inventor.

    Here's what I want to do, really simple:

    Import set of 3D Parts positioned on a 2'x4' table with an Aluminum Panel
    Get the XY Position & Z Rotation of each part on the table
    Move the CNC Machine "Part Holder Jig" in XYZ & RotateZ to the specific position of each succesive part on the table & stop/go.
    At this point the CNC goal will have been achieved, the "Part Holder Jig" will be placed in the exact position & rotation as the referenced 3D Modeled Part on the 2'x4' table.
    Then I will place a Aluminum Part in the "Part Holder Jig" and Braze it to the Aluminum Panel.
    Then Re-Start the machine and move on to the next 3D Modeled Parts position & rotation.

    Reference my goal this 3D Render from Autodesk Maya:

    The youtube video shows the Four Aluminum Manufacturing tables with Aluminum Flats in Exact Specific Positions fixed or Brazed to the table with Carbon Fiber Tubes Positioned exactly inside the Aluminum Flats, an "Alignment Table". I need the CNC Machine to position XYZ & RotateZ a "Part Holder Jig" in the exact reference of each Aluminum Flat & then Stop. Then I will braze the Aluminum Flat to the Table & GO on to the next Aluminum Flat.

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    Re: CNC to Position a Part Holder jig for Brazing

    The author also illustrates another workflow, building the actual CNC Machine Frame in CAD & Automating the machine functions. In solidworks CAM I don't see the menu set to accomplish this kind of 3D Modeled CNC Machine Frame & Animated Automation.

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    Re: CNC to Position a Part Holder jig for Brazing

    Solidworks Motion Study & Animation could solve my problem but I cannot find a way to output the Animation as G-Code. For example, If I imported a 3D CAD Model of a CNC Machine Frame and simply animated the "Parts Holder Jig" to the exact locations & keyframes for each Aluminum Flat Part on the Table I would effectively "Animate" a Toolpath & export to G-Code. But Solidworks Motion Study does not Export to G-Code, what is the next step that I am missing from this proposed pipeline? I can animate the Machine but I cannot control it with the animation by exporting a G-Code?

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    Re: CNC to Position a Part Holder jig for Brazing

    I am trying to use the CNC Machine to Position the Jig on the Table based on the Position of a 3D Model. All research of the CNC CAM software and workflow logic is for using the CNC Machine within the parameters of a Mill and I am at a loss to use the CNC Software to animate or keyframe the Position & Rotation of the machine. I want the CNC Machine to PositionXY & RotateZ a Jig according to the 3D Model.

    Attempted CNC Software Solutions:
    1. CAM:
    software limited by Mill Toolset. Could not Animate the Machine as a 3D Model & configure any resulting G-Code with Motion Study.

    2. PlanetCNC:
    could import variety of options, can manually position the machine to the 3D Model Position but cannot Rotate the Machine Head?

    Strategy Keyframing of Machine Position & Rotation from Position of 3D Model:
    1. Convert to 2D, How to Keyframe the positionXY & RotateZ of the Machine? The Part Holder Jig has to be Rotated in Z-Up to the same degree as the 3D Part.
    2. G-Code: Could I import a 3D or 2D into the G-Code editor and "Keyframe Position & Rotation" of the CNC Head?

    I am going to make a 3D Animation of what I want the CNC Machine to do and update this enquiry.

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    Re: CNC to Position a Part Holder jig for Brazing

    I want to rotate the Tool Holder exactly as shown in the Z-Up Rotate Axis but I don't need the other 2-axis or the drill. Just the abillity to rotate it like that on a custom frame holder. Please tell me what software/hardware strategy I need to accomplish this on a smaller 2'x4' scale. In Solidworks CAM this simple rotate Tool Part Holder function is omited.

    Inspire Robotics CNC w/ Rotating Tool or Part Holder:

    Other 4th or 5th Axis Rotary Tables are all shown mounted to the bottom frame of the machine pointing upwards. Would it be possible to mount this Rotary Axis upside down on the Tool Holder and would it be controllable in CAM?

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