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    Cnc tooling feeds and speeds.

    Hi I just finally bought some good quality bits from Amana Tool and they have a special coating on them that is supposed to make them last longer. I was looking at their feeds and speeds recommendations and noticed for my 1/4 up cut spiral endmill the chiploadfor hardwood was at 0.0016 and that's seems low to me as I have been cutting hardwood and been running more in the 5X (0.005-0.009) range with cheap Chinese endmill. This this all depth=diameter Would the coating make the bit brittle or for any reason hinder me from making the same feeds and speeds? Or are they just being conservative with recommendations? I don't want to dull the bit with heat from too slow a speed... I like running 2 flute 1/4 inch bits at 14000 rpm and at 4-5m/min. Any other thoughts or concerns? Let 'em fly!

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    Re: Cnc tooling feeds and speeds.

    Looks like their chart is wrong, imo.

    I'd actually run them faster. I run 1/4" spirals at 300-400ipm (7-10m/min) at 18,000 rpm.

    I have a couple 46348-K bits on my desk, but haven't used them yet.

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    Re: Cnc tooling feeds and speeds.

    Thanks Gerry, that's what I wanted to hear!
    I hate going slow! I wonder if the charts are all wrong because they all seem to be way to slow....

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    I think they are just being very conservative. With the right set up and tooling, I saw Amana bits running 400ipm at 20,000rpm without issues.

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