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    CNC4PC control system $600

    I got this system working, drive motion calibrated VFD working. Estop worked on pendant but that is all I got configured on it when I Started having Mach4 issues and then had head issues before I could make parts. While I was waiting for parts was told to get Acorn so I did and no longer need this control. THe DG3S drives were never used, they were not the correct drives for my servos. I had this system connected and tuned to the DG4S-16025 drives which I am using on the Acorn. I would consider selling those drives and servos making the system ready tuned, just add your PS's.
    Would take $600 for everything listed pluss shipping.

    Prices I paid

    Product Name SKU Price Qty Subtotal

    WIN10 CNCPC with monitor, keyboard and mouse with Mach4 Hobby Dell $200.00 1 $200.00
    Loaded and configured

    C45 - LIMIT AND HOME UNIVERSAL BOARD C45 $46.22 1 $46.22

    Differential Line Driver DG6 $4.25 3 $12.75

    PRG01 USB programming stick PRG01 $23.61 1 $23.61

    C34DG - Driver to RJ45 Connector Board for DUGONG Drivers C34DG $12.20 1 $12.20

    C55 - DUAL 25Amp. RELAY BOARD C55 $39.70 1 $39.70

    Ethernet Smooth Stepper Board ESS $189.00 1 $189.00

    MPG2 - Pendant MPG2 $156.00 1 $156.00

    C32 - Dual Port Multifunction CNC Board C32 $186.00 1 $186.00

    DG3S-08020 DC Servo Drive DG3S-08020 $110.00 1 $330.00

    Subtotal $1195.48
    Shipping & Handling $30.45
    Grand Total $1,225.93

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    Re: CNC4PC control system $600

    Would you want to sell the smoothstepper by itself? cfacundus at gmail dot com

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