I own a CNCEST 6040 since nov 2020. After a few days of research and configuring and tweaking the machine and PC, I have used it for four months now and I must say I am very satisfied with the results so far.

The only thing that I am concern with, is that the frame of the machine is crooked (not square). The gantry that rides on the Y axle (back and forward), has about 1/4 inch (6mm) difference from the left to the rigth side. When I bring the gantry all the way forward (Y-), the left side of the gantry frame touches the front of the table/bench first while the right side of the gantry is about 1/4 inch off. When I slide the gantry back (Y+), at about half way, the axle screw and/or the Y axle motor (not sure which exactly) starts making a clanking sound which gets louder as it travels back... That clanking noise has me a little worried. I think the motor is working a harder as the gantry travels back because of the table not being square

My question is: Does anyone know what should I do to fix this situation/problem??. I am afraid that if I do too much work on the backside of the workbench, something is going to break. Will appreciate any helpful comments. Thanks in advance!!

Jose Ramirez