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IndustryArena Forum > Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines > Commercial Laser > CO2 laser jamming and freezing up when laser is to fire
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    CO2 laser jamming and freezing up when laser is to fire

    Hello All,
    I have an older Full Spectrum 90 watt CO2 laser machine that continues to freeze up when the laser is to fire. The LCD says “job in progress” and the software freezes also. I have been in communication with the company and they have no clue why it is doing this. I’ve tested the connection to the machine by keeping the lid up to begin with, but as soon as I shut the lid, causing the laser to fire, there’s a loud jamming sound and it completely freezes. I’ve replaced the laser tube and the tube’s power supply, and the same thing happens (obviously, it has happened for quite a while!). At first, it would do it occasionally. I would take the air hose and blow out the connections around the tube, power supply, inside, control panel, etc., and it would start working. I thought I had it going ok, then the tube’s power supply went out and I had to replace it. Now it’s doing this every. Single. Time.... The techs at FS laser thought it was a grounding issue, but I’ve disconnected, cleaned, and reconnected all the ground wires securely with no luck. I’ve also tried disconnecting the LCD panel (another suggestion by them), and still does it. My laser is my main source of my business, and it has been months since I’ve been able to use it. Of course, the tech support at this company only communicates via email and it takes days (or weeks) for them to get back to me. I’ve tried googling this problem, and cannot find any solutions or possible causes for this. I cannot be the only person on the planet with this problem! Any and all suggestions would be appreciative! Thanks!

    I’ll try to post a link to the video that shows what it is doing. Hopefully, you can view it.

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    Re: CO2 laser jamming and freezing up when laser is to fire

    I think an industrial water chiller will solve this problem.


    Industrial laser equipment generates a lot of heat, which may damage the materials being processed and the laser components themselves. Therefore, industrial laser operators must ensure that their equipment is kept within the optimal temperature range by using relevant cooling equipment.

    Operating CO2 laser at high temperature will reduce its accuracy and stability. Increased thermal stress can damage laser components, resulting in expensive maintenance or complete replacement of equipment. In addition, exposing sensitive materials to uncontrolled laser temperatures can change the manufacturing process, resulting in defects in the final product. Most industrial CO2 lasers can operate safely and effectively in the temperature range of 15°C to 25°C。

    You can read this article https://monportlaser.com/blogs/machi...laser-engraver

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