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    co2 laser tube manufacturer HM brand

    This is jason Chen from Beijing HM Laser Co.,Ltd in China.As one more than ten years experience in this field we produce 35,000 units CO2 laser tubes annually with output power from 45 watts to 180 watts "H "and "M" two basic series sell to overseas market directly.
    Here is our company products information in attachment..Any items listed in catalog you get interest in please let me know.By the way,free sample available on request.Thank you in advance!

    Sincerely yours

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    Re: co2 laser tube manufacturer HM brand

    Fiber Laser Cutting Vs. CO2 Laser Cutting:Which One is Better?
    At present, the fiber laser cutting machine has out-standing advantages compared with the CO2 laser cutting machine and has gradually become popular cutting equipment in the processing market. So, what makes the fiber laser cutting machine beat the CO2 laser cutting and occupy such a big market? Let us give you a detailed analysis below.

    CO2 Laser Vs. Fiber Laser Cutting: The Differences Between Them
    Fiber laser cutting machine means that the fiber laser outputs a high-energy and high-density laser beam concentrated on the workpiece's surface. The zone irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot is instantly melted and vaporized. Compared with CO2 laser cutting, fiber laser cutting machine has advanced advantages and has developed into dominant equipment in high-precision laser processing. A fiber laser cutting machine can be used for plane cutting, pipe cutting, and bevel cutting. The cutting section is neat and smooth to meet the high-precision processing requirements of metal sheets and pipes.

    The Structure of Laser Equipment
    In CO2 laser cutting technology, carbon dioxide gas is the medium that generates the laser beam. But fiber lasers are transmitted through diodes and fiber optic cables. The fiber laser system generates a laser beam through multiple diode pumping. It then transmits to the laser cutting head through a flexible fiber optic cable instead of transmitting the beam through a mirror.

    In that respect, fiber laser cutting has many advantages. The first is the cutting bed. Unlike gas laser technology, the mirror must be set within a certain distance. There is no range limitation of fiber laser cutting. The fiber laser can even be installed next to the plasma cutting head of the plasma cutting table. There is no such option for CO2 laser cutting technology. Similarly, compared with a gas cutting system of the same power, the system appears more compact because of the bending of the fiber.

    The Conversion Efficiency of Electro-Optics
    Adopting an all-solid-state digital module and single fiber laser design, the fiber laser cutting system has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency than carbon dioxide laser cutting. For each power supply unit of the carbon dioxide cutting system, the actual general utilization rate is about 8% to 10%. Users can expect higher power efficiency for fiber laser cutting systems for about 25% to 30%.

    In this case, the total energy consumption of the fiber cutting system is about 3 to 5 times less than that of the carbon dioxide cutting system, and the energy efficiency is increased by more than 86%.

    The Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Over CO2 Laser Cutting
    Better Optical Quality 
    Compared with the CO2 laser cutting machine, the fiber laser cutting machine has better beam quality, with a smaller focus spot, making the cutting lines finer to achieve better processing.
    The Cutting Speed is Faster, and the Processing Efficiency is Higher
    Compared with the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, the fiber laser cutting machine's cutting speed and efficiency are twice that of the same power carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.

    The fiber laser cutting uses a modular design, makes it no optical lens in the resonant cavity. Furthermore, no start-up time is required. Compared with carbon dioxide lasers, fiber lasers have the advantages of adjustment and maintenance-free, and high stability. A good fiber laser has stable performance, and the service life of core components can over 100,000 hours.

    From the above comparison, although the cutting ability of CO2 laser cutting is powerful, in terms of energy-saving and cost, optical fiber still occupies a higher advantage. The economic benefits of optical fiber are much higher than that of CO2. In the future development trend, Fiber laser cutting machine will occupy the market of mainstream equipment.

    HSG is one of the most famous fiber cutting machine manufacturers dedicated to providing smart laser cutting equipment solutions for global users. HSG has been operating stably in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide and has a wide range of benchmark customer examples. When choosing the laser cutting machine, HSG can provide the best laser cutting solution.

    Learn More: www.hsglaser.com
    Email us: info@hsglaser.com
    WhatsApp: +86 186 6372 5772
    Get the Catalog for free and looking forward to collab with you.
    HSG Laser

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