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    Colibri is back

    I have used, on my amateur/hobby cnc machines, the Colibri controller built by Twintec for many years. Powerful controller/software characterized by great interface, very friendly to use and work.
    A few years ago the owner Mr Michele Ribaudo, passed away, leaving Colibri users orphans of great professionalism, availability and experience, of product assistance and the possibility of buying new ones.
    I therefore had to shift my attention to other existing products on the market, but always with the nostalgia of Colibri.

    But less than a month ago, I received very welcome news: the Colibri brand and its products come back to life, thanks to the acquisition by a company in the area. The first contact with them was very, very positive. They have brilliantly solved some problems on one of the Colibri controllers I own.
    They also told me that they will release a new version of the controller as soon as possible, with a lot of really interesting news. Can't wait to try it out.
    This is the link to the new manufacturer's page: https://www.itatechweb.it/

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    Re: Colibri is back

    Looks very interesting but is there a english version of this website

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    Re: Colibri is back

    I don't saw language option. You can use web page auto translate with Chrome.

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