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    Colombo RS110 ATC spindle help needed

    Hey guys I've got a DIY conversion of a Zevatech FS730 pick and place machine which I've turned into a CNC for my kid to start cutting his guitars, he wants to start his own factory, so there we go...

    Of course he would love to push a button and get the cnc to spit out a guitar, so trying to get as close as possible to that, LOL... I know it is not that easy, just trying to get the process as automated as possible, with that in mind we have been building the cnc, it currently has a build area of 28" by 30" by about 12", built on a really rigid solid steel base and metal sheet enclosure, which has worked great for the couple of guitars we've cut so far, but of course to further automate the guitar building process we need an ATC, preferably with 8 - 12 tool capacity, nothing fancy anything with at least ER20 1/2" diameter and 2.2Kw power should do.

    I just got jumped at the opportunity of buying a couple of used Giordano Colombo spindles originally installed in a MultiCam machine, I had to drive from Las Vegas to Phoenix, AZ just to get them last weekend, they are really heavy and one seems to be in good condition, while the other seems to be a great way to not mess up the good one while experimenting on them, LOL.

    Info I have so far:

    Small spindle (5.5Kw) Colombo RS110.2240ISO30

    This particular unit came with a picture of the paperwork of when it was serviced by PDScolombo, and it includes some figures which I'd love to know how to interpret, but lack the knowledge, included in the attached pics btw. Also this unit has been in storage and was never installed din the machine, since they had the...

    BIG spindle (7.5Kw) Colombo RS110.22 CR

    this one was supposed to be removed from the working machine before being decommissioned, I ws told it should have around 6000 hours. It does show quite a lot more of wear & tear.

    I'm planning on using them with a 220v VFD, and I know they should work for my setup, but I have absolutely no idea of what connector to use, nor on the high voltage or the low voltage sides, in fact I'm planning on replacing the connections if I can't get a decently priced connector to fit, does that sound crazy?, I've seen lots of spindles with aviation connectors, I'm sure if the voltage/amps are in line with what the connector can handle it will be fine, or will I get myself killed in the process?

    I've searched ll over the internet, in the Italian, European and even the American Colombo websites, including the archived time machine ones at archive.org, up to 15+ years ago, and I can't seem to find a valid manual for this units that does come with any wiring diagrams.

    I'm attaching some pics of the units, and will be keeping the small unit in its crate till I'm certain I can either make it work or sell it online, so all pics should be for the BIG spindle, which I don't really care too much if I burn or somehow kill, LOL...

    Unless someone else is interested in buying them, maybe I'd be better off buying a smaller Chinese ATC that's brand new and comes with some documentation, LOL

    NY help would be greatly appreciated, I'm leaving some pics of the stuff I'm working with for reference.

    Thanks too all of you for patiently reading all my post/rant, and keep safe.

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    Re: Colombo RS110 ATC spindle help needed

    Just adding some files of what I've been able to source from the web as of today.

    Any thoughts on the RS110 pinout file I found in this site, regarding compatibility?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 32c95c353cc54c6990352d422ff54103.jpg   8056a0d5a8094d1da4b7d030dbc2b20f.jpg   cd0a07bdd2a547fb903b6222ed8f1866.jpg  
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