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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > Command Multiplier (CMR)? Detection Multiplier (DMR)? Makes my head hurt.
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    Command Multiplier (CMR)? Detection Multiplier (DMR)? Makes my head hurt.

    Greetings fellow builders.

    Installing a 4th axis on a YCI Supermax with Fanuc OM-C control. I got most everything figured out but the CMR and DMR settings. There is also the Flexible Feed Gear settings on the Servo Setting Screen. There's got to be someone out there that does this in their sleep. For some reason I can't get it. Mainly because the possible numbers I'm allowed to use seem to have nothing to do with (exactly anyway) with the numbers I'm allowed to enter into the control. I know I'm missing something.

    FYI... running this in a style A (S1 jumper) setup where I'm connecting the encoder to the CNC directly and not using battery backup. Rest of the machine uses Alpha C6's with i10,000 encoders. (I think) I also believe I have a serial interface with digital servo function.

    Millimeter machine. (IS-B System) Least command increment_ 0.001mm/0.001deg

    Motor is Fanuc Alpha 12/2000 with built in Absolute 64K encoder. (A06B-0142-B075) (64K is 65,563 pulses per rev, or so I've read.)

    Tsudakoma RN-301 table with 180-1 reduction ratio. Meaning one rotation of the motor gives you 2 degrees rotation on the table.

    I think I know most of the settings needed for the servo setting screen, except as I said, the CMR, DMR, Feed-gear N & M.

    This has been a long process and I'm bumming for getting stuck near the end.

    Thanks tons to anyone that can help.


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    Re: Command Multiplier (CMR)? Detection Multiplier (DMR)? Makes my head hurt.

    CRM should be set to 2, DMR should be set to 0. Used N/M as follows:
    Fanuc says to treat the 64K encoder as a 1000000 count encoder.
    The table accuracy is 0.001o, so one table rotation will be 360.000o on the position display, there are 360000 pulses desired.The gear ratio is 180:1, so the formula denominator of 1,000,000 is multiplied by 180. Fanuc also says to reduce the fraction numbers.

    ....360000.............=.......360000.......=...1. ......N
    1,000,000(180).............180000000......500..... .M

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    Re: Command Multiplier (CMR)? Detection Multiplier (DMR)? Makes my head hurt.

    Thanks tons Dr. DOS! Couldn't have done it without you.

    I knew there had to be someone around here that had this under their belt. From your name I take it you're also a DOS afficianado too. Never hurts, even in this day.

    Thanks again...

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    Re: Command Multiplier (CMR)? Detection Multiplier (DMR)? Makes my head hurt.

    Hi, I have a Chiron machine with 0M control, I have a problem in the travel of my axes, moving 0.01 inches with the indicator, the axes only move 0.005 inches and in Z moving 0.01 inches with the indicator, it only moves 0.008, investigating a bit it seems to me that it is the adjustment of CRT and DMR, but I do not know the parameters that indicate the adjustment, I would appreciate your help.

    e-mail: levh.control@gmail.com

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