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IndustryArena Forum > Computer Technology > Desktops / Laptops > compact flash problems....Please help!!
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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Jan 2013

    compact flash problems....Please help!!

    Hey all,

    I am trying to backup some programs from a citizen a20 with fanuc 32I control. It uses a 1GB CF card and PC card adapter. I can save programs to card at the machine, and they show up there when I pull them back up on the machine. The problem is when i plug the card into mu laptop card reader, it shows no files at all... Now I can save things to the card from the laptop and they show up just fine. I've updated drivers, formatted the card several ways (the only one that allowed me to do anything with the card was formatting it in the cnc). This a Sandisk 1GB CF card, brand new, and the exact same one that another guy is using with no issues. the only difference is the adapter, but if I put his card in my adapter, it works fine... Now, he is running Windows 7, and I am running Windows 10. Don't know if that matters. I feel like its a simple setting somewhere, but I'm pulling my hair out !!! Please Help!!!!! Thanks!!

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    Re: compact flash problems....Please help!!

    ... try looking for hidden files.

    Win10 most likely driver problem. Also try Linuxmint.

    good luck hunting.

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