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    Complete A2100 available

    We have a complete A2100 CNC off IIRC an Arrow 1000, with manuals. Worked when removed. We are not looking to make money on this, just help someone out who can use it & clear our warehouse space. We will accept just about any small amount. It can be picked up in Dayton, OH, or if you pay shipping, shipped.

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    Re: Complete A2100 available

    I would love to have some spare boards.

    if you can ship it to canada I'll cover the shipping cost.

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    Re: Complete A2100 available

    Hi Coop. Maybe I wrote that a tad too loosely; not make money means we do not need to sell it for $ 3000.00; I am watching on Ebay pendants for go for $500, cards for $600, etc. But we would like to get SOMETHING for it all.

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