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Thread: Conic thread

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    Conic thread

    Hi everybody my english is very bad, but I try...
    I need to do a conic thread in fanuc OT, can somebody help me with this, if is posible send me a basic program to learn how work the code

    Thks Alejandro
    from Chile

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    Aug 2007
    G76P030060 definition(P03=free cut 00=chanfrain 60= angle du filet)
    G76Q30 definition(Q30 derniere passe= 0.003)
    G76X?Z?P260Q70F? definition(P260=prof. filet sur rayon Q70= premiere passe)

    at lingne containing G76X?Z?P260Q70F? , just enter the value you need in the X axis

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    Re: Conic thread

    Remote work can breed disrespect. Because you're paying someone to work at a remote location and you have little or no control over how the work process is going. Of course you need some sort of tool to close that gap...you can use smth like worktime( employee monitoring software) it'll help a great deal but still you can't be sure cause humans...

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