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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Leadshine > Connecting 2 stepper Driver on one controller axis.
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    Connecting 2 stepper Driver on one controller axis.


    i am building a CNC plasma.
    as it is large enough.. i have Rack and pinions on each side of my Y axis

    I purchased a Chinese embedded controller 2 axis FAngling F2100B
    I have two stepper motors nema34 (450B) on Y axis with Leadshine ND2278 driver.

    My problem is: how i can wire two stepper driver since i have only 2 axis on my controller. ( if it was a Mach 3 i can use one stepper driver as slave , but on this Chinese controler there is only one output for Y axis.)
    I was thinking about connecting the two stepper motors on the controller but i am afraid the total output power of the driver (7.2 amps) will no be enough to push two 450B motors...

    i know it is possible as there are many chinese tables using 3 drivers for 2 axis controllers, i got this picture from a chinese selling same config machine, i can see that he just has the input ports on the two drivers on Y axis wired in parallel ( DIR+,-, PUL +, -)

    what do you think guys? if this is a valid wiring in order to have the two motors to move the same way? i have just to invert the cable connections on the motors to get two different rotations if it is a correct wiring
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    Re: Connecting 2 stepper Driver on one controller axis.

    The question is you have one Y axis output and two motors. Do you connect two stepper drives to your one output from your controller? Or use one step driver and connect two motors to that drive in series?
    I would go for two drives connected to your controller.
    Is that the question and if so do you know how it connect them?

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