Hi All,
I just got a nice Chinese Reinshaw / kinematic type probe for not a lot of money and I'd like to confirm if my understanding of how to wire it into Mach 3 won't fry anything ! ! ! A picture of its wiring is below. I'm fine with its voltage supply and likewise its earth - its the output i'm unsure about. Mach 3 input for 'normal' kinematic probes is closed / NC until it bumps into something when it goes open / NO circuit thus triggering a stop. This probe is powered and will be outputting a voltage in its 'normal state? And when triggered the output will go low as its connected to ground?

So question is will the Mach3 input object to being 'fed' a voltage all the time until triggering occurs when it will go low (although not to ground potential?) I'm planning of using a 5 or 7.5v power source if it makes a difference.