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    Control Panel Dead while overload!?

    Hi Guys,

    I recently bought a DAHLIH MCV 1020 that would appear to be in very good condition in spite of its age (1989). Apparently the machine was operational to the point where it was decommissioned and stored for a few years.

    It is still original with the Fanuc Series 0-M controller and my intention is to retrofit it with a Centroid Oak.

    I was hoping to start the machine to simply JOG the axis's and run the spindle to get a feel for the machine condition before starting to spend a lot of time and money on stripping, reconditioning and retrofitting.

    Problem is that only the fans and some green LEDs on the boards light up and that's it.
    The Control panel does not start at all (DEAD) and what concerns me is that the Load indicator on the control panel (Meter) shows and overload while nothing is running.
    The Green LED on the Driver board is on, but there is no numeric display on the RED LED panel.
    When one switches the control panel on, there is a quick "double-click" with brief single red flashing on the computer board. When turning the control panel off there is a single click on the computer board.

    Stupid question... Where is the 24v power supply and what does it look like?
    In the main power panel there are two transformers, what are these?

    FYI: The machine utilize a 380V - 200V external Transformer and the 200V power is close to equal on all phases.

    Any advise is much appreciated.

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    Re: Control Panel Dead while overload!?

    Congrats on the new machine. Sorry to hear you're having troubles getting it up and running. I hope you got all the manuals from the manufacturer with it as they're a huge help. Any Fanuc manuals you can easily find and download off the internet.

    I'm sort of here just to say that, even though you're having startup troubles, which isn't unheard of on any machine that's been sitting around awhile, (I really hope your batteries aren't dead and you've lost all the parameters) once you get it up and running, Fanucs are very reliable. That OM control is very capable, and there are hundreds of thousands in use. I did a quicky look at that controller you're thinking about and didn't notice any fancy servo control capabilities beyond what you've already got. (No look ahead or advance feed forward etc. kind of stuff)

    If you have Yellow Cap DC servos, then changing out doesn't sound quite as bad. If you've got Red Cap AC servos, I think you'd be well served to use what you have for awhile and spend the money you save ixnaying the retrofit and use it for tooling and work holding, which can easily reach into the thousands as well.

    The two transformers.

    One is likely a control voltage step down transformer giving you 90-110VAC which is used here and there.

    The other is what they call an AC reactor. Not sure if DC machines have those but I've seen them in all AC Fanuc machines. They're usually one of the first things the power passes through after the on off switch.

    I'm not as familiar with the pre 90's control physical setup. In later stuff the 24V supply is usually easy to find. Just some separate vented box that looks like a small power supply.

    Anyway... beg borrow and steal for the original manuals, and think about giving what you've got a try. Good luck regardless the path.

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    Re: Control Panel Dead while overload!?

    Hi GG,

    Thank you for your comprehensive reply, it is much appreciated.

    I've actually spent the entire day wrestling with the web for some manuals. There is a ton of information out there but finding the right stuff is a challenge. I did however manage to find some Maintenance Manuals which is very helpful and some drips and drabs of similar posts on other makes of machines and control systems that came up with some generic similarities.

    What I have discovered is that F13 and F14 Fuses are absent.... (that helps) and that Fanuc fuses are not something you pick up at the local hardware store or automotive dealer. They seem to be very scares and insanely expensive in South Africa. I found a Speciality CNC Store in the USA that supplies them quite cheap, but they don't ship globally... So now I'll try to get a friend in Houston to forward them to me.

    I have not made much progress on the "overload" indication on the load meter, but I have some ideas of troubleshooting and specifically the K33/JY1 Load Meter/Speed Meter from the Spindle Amplifier Module. It might also be skewed indication because of the 24V failure.

    I'll pop in and update with any developments, but it may be a tedious excercise.

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    Re: Control Panel Dead while overload!?

    I hope you ordered at least two of each of the fuses, and do a good bit of overall checking before replacing them. Would hate to see you install fuses and then have them immediately blow again.

    You never did say if you had Black, Yellow or Red Cap servos. And what version of Fanuc O?

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