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    conversational x-y?

    It's been ages since I used my Tormach, and I needed to make a half pocket on some mild steel (making a clamp knurling tool for my lathe).

    First I updated PP to 2.5.2.

    I had no end of trouble making the X-Y make sense. I wanted the center of the pocket to be right through the center of the 1/2" end mill, but by trial and error I found that I needed a half endmill sized offset in X only. Should I have expected this? X=-0.25, y=0 centers the pocket on the endmill?

    Also, really wish there was a "goto x,y=0,0 button on the pathpilot screen that would be quite handy from time to time.

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    Re: conversational x-y?

    Doesn't make sense to me on the pocketing routine. I've used it for a few projects in the last month and it did what I expected. Acted like I was running a G41/G42 though the pocketing path wasn't very efficient.

    Yes, a GOTO 0,0 would be handy. Save me from typing G0X0Y0. You may suggest it on Tormach's site under the bug report. I suggested a change to the DXF file handling as the generated G-code did a spindle/coolant stop after each shape. Then turned them back on after the move to the next shape. I edited it out with G-edit's find/replace. Made the suggestion to Tormach and the change was in the next version. Also just sent them a report that the messages the pop up when you mouse over the feed rate and spindle sliders incorrectly say you can advance them up to 150% when a couple of versions ago they bumped it up to 200%. Next version will have those corrected.


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