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    Conversion to Mach3

    Good morning, afternoon and night to all!

    Next guys, is it possible to convert the "SIEGE CNC MILLING MILL" software to Mach3?

    the machine is Chinese, and there is no type of physical or digital manual, I searched the internet all and nothing.

    NOTE: the machine is connected to the notebook via ethernet (RJ-45)

    the drivers are all Chinese and you don't find any technical information about them on the internet, what little you think is written in Chinese!

    will it be possible that I can control this mini cnc with mach3? someone specialist to help me? THANKS!

    attaches some photos

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    Re: Conversion to Mach3

    Not sure how easy it would be without changing controller (smoothstepper or UCxxx) and maybe a couple of other things.
    Might be as simple as needing a plugin but need to speak to sieg about that.
    What is the matter with it? Does it not work?
    A couple of useless bits I've found.
    Use chrome for above and translate it.

    So these use either fanuc, siemens or sieg software to control. Yours looks to have the Sieg cnc control software version 2.

    Why not shoot these guys a few emails to see if they can sort you out.
    SIEG has wide range of Light Industry CNC

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    Re: Conversion to Mach3

    Any particular reason for choosing the obsolete Mach3 over the current Mach4?

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    Re: Conversion to Mach3

    Which model Sieg do you have?

    I have a Sieg KX3B and have managed to find a number of manuals and the control software for it.

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