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    Convert a .STP file to DXF format

    I am receiving a lot of drawings in STP format. The cad program I prefer to use is Auotcad Lt. which
    does not support STP.
    It only supports DXF and DWG
    I am getting a Solidworks seat which will handle the conversion but will not be up to working with it for a while.
    Any suggestion for a quick solution for converting STP to DXF or DWG format?

    Thank you

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    Re: Convert a .STP file to DXF format


    You could try the free version of Fusion360. I know this can import STP as a mesh and has some sort of DXP export function. If you upload a sample, I could try for you if I get 5.

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    Re: Convert a .STP file to DXF format

    Download the Rhino demo. You will have 90 days to use it for free. Rhino is very good at file translation. Import your STP file and save it as DXF or DWG.
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    Re: Convert a .STP file to DXF format

    hy john, are those 2d or 3d objects ? if 2d, can you share a few stp files, so i'll try to convert them / kindly
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