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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > BobCad-Cam > Converting dgn files from Bobcad 14 to modern format
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    Converting dgn files from Bobcad 14 to modern format

    Hello, I work at a small machine shop which was previously run by an old man who refused to learn how to use any newer softer then BobCad 14 for DOS and he taught that program to new hires making my work dependent on windows 98 machines and floppy disks. There are hundreds of .dgn files and because there was only one computer people would start new drawings in the same file next to each other to be able to easily switch between. I know BobCad versions 21 and below can open these files and we have a few old CDs to install a couple of those however we dont have the serial codes anymore (pcs they were installed to died) and the last time we contacted support they told us they no longer had serial codes for such old versions. Theres this DGN2DXF program which converts one file at a time but dosnt work on modern computers or even in DOSbox. Ive attached it if anyone wants to take a look at it. And no, I have no idea were it came from. If theres some kind of batch process for this that would be wonderful because it is a pain trying to find old designs.

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    Re: Converting dgn files from Bobcad 14 to modern format

    Search on "read .dgn files"
    Lots of ways to read and convert them

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