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    Converting to an EIA. file

    Hello guys,

    We just bought a 2008 510c-2 nexus matrix. It does not read our programs generated from Gibbs. I called Mazak they said we have to convert the file to an EIA. file The person I spoke to said all we had to do was to change it, well how do we change it we tried everything? Any helpwould be greatly appreciated!


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    Rename the file to .eia in your Windows explorer

    Right click and pick rename.

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    and place the PROGRAM.eia inside of a folder on you USB.


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    In GibbsCAM, go to:

    File (Tab)

    Under File Extensions, you can change the Post: from NCF to EIA. Now every time you post, it will automatically post as an EIA.
    I was concerned that the EIA file extension would not work on the rest of our machines (Mori's, Haas, etc...) but all of our machines accept EIA's.

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