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    CorelLaser/LaserDRW extremely inefficient paths

    Hi All,

    Major newbie here - I'm creating cold storage wallets for bitcoins, laser etched on wood. I bought a cheapo chinese usb 40w laser with CorelLaser/LaserDRW software.

    I've gone through the learning process of actually getting things etching and they are turning out really well, except for one major frustration. The path chosen by the laser is absurdly stupid and lasering times are absolutely astronomical. A 95mmx50mm surface about 1/3rd filled is taking 3-4 hours because the laser head moves up, down, and then fires a tiny burst to etch a single line.

    Ideally I think it would be 1000x faster if the head would just travel back and forth row by row and etch where necessary rather than taking these stupid paths.

    I've experimented a lot and I can't find a way to specify the path I want the laser to take other than "shortest path" and a few other even more inefficient options.

    I'm producing SVG files and loading them into CorelDraw12 with the supplied laser etching plugin.

    It's driving me mental, and any suggestions would be massively appreciated.



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    Hiya BCW, ummm are you vector line engraving or raster engraving?
    (is the laser following a line path or going side to side like a printer)



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    Hi Dave,

    Definitely following a path, a stupid inefficient path. I've got a video of how its etching although it was during a "good section" - what you see at 11 seconds through 15 seconds seems to be repeated over and over and over for the tiniest little etchings (less than a mm)


    I don't appear to have an option to raster...

    Soooo frustrating.



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    Ahh looks to be a fault with the file, if you want to mail the file over I'll take out any overkill items for you. dave@opticalpower.co.uk it will also be a polyline vs line problem, polys are complete continued lines where-as separate lines will cause the machine to skip all over the place.



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    Maybe a bit late for the OP, but if anyone is looking here for a similar solution:

    I *think* the answer is within the CorelLaser setup page, before you hit Start (or Engrave?, I'm not near the machine at the moment!, so this is from memory). One this screen there is a drop-down for the print strategy (it's not called that, let me know if you need more info), which by default is as-drawn (so it engraves each drawing entity in the order added into the drawing. Replacing this with "nearest" changes the cutting sequence - in my case going from stitching together a seemingly random collection of lines and arcs (that didn't align properly) to a linear path. Oh, and on the same screen I'd chosen an option to link points within 0.1mm together. Both of these options together (I didn't test individually) gave a sensible tool path and a clean cut that actually represented the drawing pretty reliably.

    Let me know if you need more precise instructions or a screenshot.

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    Re: CorelLaser/LaserDRW extremely inefficient paths

    I've had one of these laser engravers with Moshidraw for the last 3 years and it's been brilliant but now it's engraving double lines, so after exhausting all possible avenues and spending a fortune on parts, I've bought the newest version (£200 cheaper that 3 years ago.) which was meant to come with LaserDRW software. I just wondered if you know if this can be downloaded from the internet. I have the USB dongle for it but no CD. I presume if I set it up, I could still use Moshidraw?

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