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    Corrosion Removal

    Anyone with ideas or know the best chemicals to remove corrosion and rust from an older CNC lathe Turret.

    Lots of corrosion and rust where the coolant has been.(heres a photo) Attachment 505326

    Any help or suggestions would be great


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    Re: Corrosion Removal

    You can use washing soda and a battery charger to remove rust on anything you can submerge in a tank. https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/...emoval.154196/
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Corrosion Removal

    a moderately strong solution (5%-10%) of phosphoric acid. Paint it on, leave for an hour or so to dissolve the rust, and then thoroughly rinse it off.
    This is the basis of quite a few of the 'Etching Primer' solutions. Old school but it works.


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    Re: Corrosion Removal

    Great , thanks Guys
    will give it a go:banana:

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    Re: Corrosion Removal

    Hi Jubee - double strength vinegar works a treat (normal vinegar to just takes longer) and is friendly on the skin... If you can put it in something and soak it the rust will be gone overnight. A nylon bristle brush will remove the plaque easily after a soak. Peter

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