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    CRP4824 X axis backlash issue


    I am wrapping up the construction of a CRP4824 kit build and I've noticed I had a LOT of backlash on my X axis. It turns out that one of the bolts holding the Nema 23 motor onto the Rack and Pinion drive is hitting the carriage and preventing the gear from settling nicely in the bar with the gear teeth milled into it. I double checked the instructions and it's assembled correctly. The Y1 and Y2 axis don't have this problem as the milled teeth are further away but the X axis does. Aside from grinding a relief in the carriage, which I do not want to do. Is their a clever way to fix this? I tried swapping sides and moving the NEMA 23 motor around but I had no luck and either side I choose, it's still there.

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    Re: CRP4824 X axis backlash issue

    I'm wondering if that's a one off issue or if others have the same.
    When building my crp4896pro, my gantry plates were too big to flush mount my bearing rails. I had to machine the fronts to seat them properly. It was the only thing I had to do that on. But since then, a couple years ago, I've never seen that come across on the forums. You might have a similar thing. A qc issue possibly?

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    Re: CRP4824 X axis backlash issue

    Can you replace that bolt with a allen head bolt of some type and have you contacted Avid / CNC Router parts?
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