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    Crusader M series CRT to LCD conversion

    Hey guys I'm working on my friends's VC3600 mill . CRT driver board inside Crusader M series is toast. I found it had a video feed via 4 cables from PCB in the cabinet in a single 5 pin connector. And for the love of God I can't figure what kind of video feed this is and how to connect it to VGA monitor. I've measured voltage, two cables give under 1V and one gives under 3V , forth being ground. I've tried connecting to VGA to Green from RGB , and corresponding ground and pins 12 and 13 for V and H sync but without success . I've seen people put computer monitors on these but couldn'f find how they connected them.When I was trying to plug cables around pins on occasion monitor would say unsupported signal/
    Any help would be highly appreciated

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    Re: Crusader M series CRT to LCD conversion

    It looks like there used to be a bolt in kit available, but no longer. https://www.ebay.com/p/Replace-CRT-A...d=252327720872

    There is some reference on the internet to a Jamma board for game CRTs being adapted. I suspect a direct connection is not possible. Personally I would rip out the antique Anilam controller and replace it with a Centroid or equivalent system.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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