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    Curving Text in Maestro

    Anyone out there drawing in Maestro active CNC version ever draw text in a curve or arched shape? Or know how to do it in that program? I can get text on the plane but cant shape it anyway but straight. Help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Curving Text in Maestro

    hy i can help you with a custom app, that will deliver g-code for text on a curve / kindly
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    Re: Curving Text in Maestro


    Sorry I can't help with Maestro but Dolphin PartMaster CAM can produce text around an arc, ellipse or any shape.
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    Re: Curving Text in Maestro

    I do not know much about Maestro active CNC version. Give Dolphin PartMaster CAM a try. You can produce text around an ellipse, arc, circle, or in any other shape using Dolphin PartMaster CAM. It is not much complicated to use. If you have been using other CAM software then you can produce text around curves or arched shapes quite easily using Dolphin PartMaster CAM, even if you have never used it before. There are some videos on youtube that can help you in case you do not figure out how to draw the text. And if you have to do it in Maestro active, then hopefully some being can help you or try reading the documentation.

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