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    Cutter comp in the yz plane

    Is there a way to use cutter comp in the yz plane?? Whether programming g code or conversational?? I have a 90 degree head in my machine and I've reached out to hurco and they tell me that this isn't possible. Is this really true or is there a trick into fooling the machine into doing it?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Cutter comp in the yz plane

    Did you try G19?

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    Re: Cutter comp in the yz plane

    I don't see why you couldn't do what you want. I've used comp in the YZ plain on Fanuc machines. A little difficult starting and stopping it. I think what I did was to turn it on with a simple vertical move in Z.

    I believe it's correct to say that if an arc is fully described with a complete address, XYZ (I,J,K) it will move correctly no matter what work plain is active when the arc is called. In this case you're going to need Y and Z and J and K addresses in your arc calls.

    I've done a lot of chamfering with full ball mills in the YZ plain. Pretty mind scratching doing it without CAM completely holding the reins. But fun to figure out. To make it easier I would program to the center of the ball.

    Don't be surprised if you need G42 where you think you need G41. Seems I never would get it right the first time. Learned the hard way with a few broken tools.

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