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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Mitsubishi controls > cutter wear comp on mitsubishi meldas 60/60s
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    cutter wear comp on mitsubishi meldas 60/60s

    hi all,
    I am trying to find out if there is such an option to offset for a cuter wear on a vmc with meldas 60/60s controls.
    I am milling an irregular rectangular profile with a 1/2" end mill, and I am trying to see if I can set a tool wear (diameter wear) so I don't have to keep changing the dimensions in the program.
    I have found a reference in the manual about parameter #1037 cmtyp, to either set as "1" or "2 "
    What wold be the procedure after that?
    How do I set my offset, and do I use "D"
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am new to MC,

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    Re: cutter wear comp on mitsubishi meldas 60/60s

    Hi, just wondering if you ever got to figure out that issue? Because I am having exactly same problem with my M60S control and please help. Greatly appreciated.

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    Re: cutter wear comp on mitsubishi meldas 60/60s

    So, I am definitely no expert on this (in fact, I know very little)... But there is one thing I can say for sure about a similar issue with a Meldas M3 control. Given that the layout of these seems to be pretty similar, I'm guessing that the mechanism by which you change between "Type I" and "Type II" is very similar, and you won't like the answer.... On the M3, you do this by going into the System menu. Unfortunately, this is not documented in the manuals, and Mitsubishi isn't going to give you the information either. They'll want to send a tech out to you because you can theoretically change options with the ability. My only guess is that you could "buy" those options in the same way that Haas charges you 2000 for a memory board that probably costs $20. Anyhow, I think you are out of luck as a self-service option here, unless someone knows the parameter you change to get to 'System' parameter mode. Good Luck!

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