PEEK (short for polyether ether ketone) is a type of plastic material within the PAEK (or polyaryletherketone) polymer category. PEEK is a great choice for a variety of precision parts because of its high temperature resistance and long life span.
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Which industries use PEEK materials?
PEEK materials have properties that attract industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, medical, and semiconductors.
Within the aerospace industry, PEEK is replacing metals in a number of aircraft parts. Cutting PEEK sheets using UV laser can be very beneficial because aircrafts require parts with tight tolerances.
Healthcare is another demanding industry that PEEK materials meet its requirements. PEEK laser cutting produces precision parts that are an excellent fir for healthcare requirements including wear and heat-, electrical-, and chemical-resistance.
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Why work with PEEK materials?
1, PEEK materials offer outstanding performance in extreme conditions, making these materials some of the best performing thermoplastics in the world. They offer strength, stiffness, long-term fatigue, and other properties that set them apart from other materials.
2, Extraordinary temperature-, chemical-, and electrical temperature-resistance help PEEK materials endure in harsh conditions. Additionally, they have excellent high-temperature performance, with glass transition temperatures ranging between 289°F – 324°F and melting temperatures between 649°F – 729°F.
3, PEEK materials also offer very good resistance to chemicals like dilute acid, dilute alkalis, oils and greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, and halogenated hydrocarbons.
4, Creep is the deformation observed versus time under a constant application of stress. PEEK Materials have an excellent creep properties and can sustain large stresses over a lifetime of use without significant time-induced extension. They weather time and stress to hold their shape.
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