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    Cutting Ti on lathe

    I am new here. I was in aviation with USCG for my career and no2 retired after 34 years. My questions are probably basic for most here but I can't learn if I don't ask. I am working on a prototype and one part I must drill perfect center hole in titanium. I am using a lathe to do the drilling. Stock is titanium 1.375 OD held in chuck and 0.050 thickness of material to drill a very clean hole either 7.25mm did or 10.5mm. What bit or bits should I use? I'm guessing something like a carb 135°split bit possible finished with a ream bit, but I am guessing with my basic are space material knowledge base. More lack of knowledge base. Speed and coolant hints appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Cutting Ti on lathe

    I think, yes, there is a lot of information here about your problem. Indeed, I saw several familiar to your question topics and specialists that are ready to do it for you. Maybe if you provide https://somamedicare.com/ a little more details here, I will have enough knowledge to do it for you. But what is about the experience?

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