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    Daewoo Puma 230 Turret issue

    I had an operator crash this lathe today. What he did was have a tool out to far from turret with not enough clearance for the 3 jaw, he went to run a facing cycle on a 10" piece and slammed the tool onto the chuck. It knock the turret out of alignment and it wouldn't index to the right tool position.

    So what I did was pull the now scrap taper pins loosened the face bolts reindicated the turret on the "Y" axis with the keep relay off, in the right home/tool position I turned the keep realy back and set the clamp on for the turret. I put new taper pins in and tightned the bolts then I reset the home position on the servo drive following Daewoo instruction sheet, and now the turret will index to the right tool position but will not clamp I get A 2023 alarm, but if I change back to the home/ Tool #1 position it clamps with no alarm and is indicated perfectly in position.

    So I tried to reinialize the servo drive per Daewoo instruction sheet and I get the same results. I keep getting a turrett clamp alarm so I think the relay or the switch might be bad, I don't have anymore ideas so I called my local service guy and they can't be here untill friday of next week anybody have any suggestions Thanks.

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    arent there a bar that the turret moves when it clamps and the bar faces a sensor? There might be a problem there ? So did the operator mess his pants up?

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    It sounds like a pretty heavy crunch. Our Pumas have hydraulic turret rotation so I am not 100% on how yours would work but I know that the idler gear that rotates the turret must go into the correct spot other wise it wont rotate and lock exactly. Ill take a punt on this, On a turret that is electrical controlled/driven there should be parameters for each location of the turret to stop so it may be adjusted from a 8,10,12 station unit. you could adjust the encoder count required if it has this option (Can do this on an Okuma). Failing that it is not unheard of for the locking plates behind the turret to bend their dowels as well. Ours can be mounted 180 degrees out of position and this sounds like a similar problem.
    Is the center height OK on tool 1?
    Good luck

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    I had the same problem also. I run a puma230 ms. I to had the same alarm when switching to most tools. Also tools were not on true zero. Ull find most likely even tool 1 is not quite center. Its been awhile so I can t quick remember for sure how i was able to spin the turret by hand. But try to hit the E stop and push the turret by hand till it locks into place (moving the turret in the right direction so not to line tools in wrong location). This was a simple fix that worked for me.

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    Need help with my puma 230 turrit issues

    All night we’ve been trying to adjust the encoder. You can set it to tool position #2 and toggle thru all 10 stations and position # 10 or #9 will eventually fault out. When going from say tool #2, to tool #10, the turret will stop in the correct place and bit 0, 2 and 4 will come on, ( tool position #10 ) then after about 3 seconds bit #4 will start to turn from 0 to 1 and we can’t adjust it out with the encoder. Then the next time you go back to tool #10 we get the same fault we started with 2047. I took the encoder out of turret and adjusted by hand to tool #10 and you can’t get the bit #4 to stop changing states. Tool #8 also uses bit #4 for its position but this bit is always constant so I don’t believe it’s a wiring or I/O unit problem.

    Another symptom that’s happening is after you set tool position #2, and go thru all 10 stations with no problems 4 or 5 times then switch to say tool #6 and turret will stop at tool #1 and fault out, reset, switch to tool #8 and it will stop on tool #4 and fault out. Reset again and it will stop on the right tool and work again. Some time back I suggested we turn this lathe into a beer vending machine, 6 months later the profit margin looks larger than first anticipated. If anyone is still interested in this idea get back with me….. We can run the numbers!!!!!!

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    Re: Daewoo Puma 230 Turret issue

    I have Daewoo Puma 230 facing an issues with turret within 6 months of purchase, At first it shows a alarm no. 2047 (Turret Unclamp) I called a mechanic and he solved the problem by doing home position setting, after that the problem occurs every month then every week and now everyday, We do same process home position setting every time and it starts working fine, but now 2-3 days ago same problem occur with same alarm on display 2047, but now the problem is not resolving by same process, Also Turret Promotion Drive shows alarm (ALP OH) an Overheat alarm, but We don't know how to solve this problem, Please help to find the solution as i Have only one Machine and it's not working.

    Thanks in advance

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