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    Data Transfer Problem from PC to CNC (FANUC O-MD)

    Hello there, please help me,
    Problem is
    Data Transfer Problem from PC to CNC (FANUC O-MD)

    Previously the machine was fine, it could transfer NC code in DNC mode, or Transfer to memory, then one day there was a problem with the cable, the cable burned (for some reason it came out of smoke, (the DB9pin cable was burned up), here I use (DB25Pin Male connector for CNC-DB9 for PC), now I replaced all the cables with new ones, and there the problems started.
    When it burned, an alarm came out as I remember alarm 100 and the control could not be pressed at all, then I searched the forum and was asked to press (DELETE KEY) while pressing power on (when the machine was turned off) the reason was to format the storage memory. And as a result the alarm is successful, and all previous programs stored in memory are erased, the alarm disappears.

    well after a few days the RS232 cable came (where I bought from local store ), then I started to hook it up (without changing the previous parameters) and -as usual for me, I went to the EDIT key-> PROGRAM-> I / O-> READ and LSK started blinking then the DNC software was already OK, the transmission file runs to completion, but the LSK still blinks and the data is not stored at all on the machine.
    If I stop the transmission, Alarm 86. The parameter settings in the CNC match the same in the DNC software.

    But when receive data (nc code) from the CNC to the PC it can be up and running well.

    here the CNC setting uses
    ISO = 1 I / O = 0
    Par 0002 = 00000001 (for stop bit2 in soft DNC)
    Par 0552 = 10 (for 4800 baud rate)

    For settings at DNC ??(CIMCO DNC MAX)
    COM PORT = COM5 (because I set it to use COM PORT 5)
    BAUD RATE = 4800 (As per Par 0552 in CNC)
    STOP BIT = 2 (fits in Par 0002 on CNC)
    · DATA BIT = 7
    FLOW CONTROL = SOFTWARE (for handshaking)

    My thanks and appreciation


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    Re: Data Transfer Problem from PC to CNC (FANUC O-MD)

    likely the zapped cable fried the xx88/xx89 uart chips on the card... a 0-c has two serial ports, think the D does also...will need to resolder as its different pins and merged on the mpg plug, then you could just change the 9xx parameter for the second port, set i/o device and parameters for device 1 instead of device 0... radio shack used to sell those chips, we used to blow a lot of them in the winter...low humidity/static will pop them if you dont touch cabinet before plugging in...

    oops- have you tried another computer? the uart chips in it just as easily could be damaged- or both...problem is pin 25 on the op panel port is 24v- if you saw smoke, thats the power source that did it

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