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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Haas Machines > Delayed Start on a Haas ( Is this possible ? )
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    Delayed Start on a Haas ( Is this possible ? )

    I would like to have my Haas Super Mini mill start up at a specific time in the middle of the night so that the job is complete first thing in the morning..... ( I could start it at the end of the day... but I've found that that my coolant will leave stains on my aluminum parts by morning )

    Is there any way to setup a delayed start?

    One option I was thinking of trying was putting a dwell command at the beginning of my code... but haven't tried that yet.

    I'm a one man shop.... and my machine / shop is next to my house.... so there's no concerns of the machine starting up on it's own ( no employees around to get injured )



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    Re: Delayed Start on a Haas ( Is this possible ? )

    First I would change coolant. We use Blasocut 2000 CF, and mostly run aluminum. Have not noted any staining at all, even parts sitting for days.

    I don't know how large of a number Haas will take in a G4 Pxxxx command but it's worth a try.

    A programmable digital timer,about $25 from Home Depot, driving a relay. Wire the relay contacts in parallel with the cycle start switch. Program the timer to come on for 1 minute, the programmable minimum, then turn off again. I don't know if the Hass will accept the cycle start button being ''pushed'' for 1 minute. May require a time delay relay to make it a momentary ''push'' of one second or so.

    Having said all that, I could see this going south in a hurry if there were a problem. Be very careful.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Delayed Start on a Haas ( Is this possible ? )

    ..at the beginning of program add a block skip Line with a X or Y feed move of say F.050 would be 20 minutes/inch
    or maybe something here

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    Re: Delayed Start on a Haas ( Is this possible ? )

    Thank You very much for the info Jim....

    After thinking about this I agree with your last comment about things going south in a hurry...

    I could easily see me walking into the shop in the morning and seeing my mill in a 1,000 pieces on the floor!

    I think I better stay clear of this plan... ( Theres probably a good reason why this feature isn't built into the system! )

    Thanks again...


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    Re: Delayed Start on a Haas ( Is this possible ? )

    Thanks much for the info.... after thinking about this more I'm probably asking for problems having my mill start up by itself.... so I better stay with my current plan ( running out to my shop in the middle of the night Ha..ha.. )

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