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    Delem Controller.

    Just got a 240t 3 axis press brake at work this week. With a delem 58t controller. We're having issue with the Y axis moving down after referencing. The X and R are fine. After setting up a part and trying to move the y axis down to bend. You head the motor spool up briefly and then stop. Like it reached the end of its travel but its an inch or so from its top most point.

    It seems there is an offset applied to the Y axis preventing it from moving down after it references it's position. I will post a pic. It shows the machine's Actual position, as well as where its expected to move. In the top right hand corner of the screen is y1 and y2. What I am assuming is the position with any offsets applied. The machines limits are .7 to 17.75" on the Y if I remember correctly. The Y axis position in the top right is 17.99". So I could be totally wrong but it seems the machine thinks its at the bottom of its travel and preventing it from moving down. From the few videos I have found the Y1 and Y2 in the top right match the Y axis position.

    I have checked the tooling dimensions and they are correct. I also checked to make sure there wasn't compensation added to the programmed part to be bent. Which was only 1 90 deg bend on a small part just to test the machine. I have read their manual which was very vague. The rep was little help. Cant seem to talk to a tech from the company who knows these machines or controllers. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.
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