Hi all

I have a problem with my 400W and 750W (Delta motors) ASDA B2 servos with the holding torque. They are both auto-tunned by AsdaSoft and all works smooth.
On my plotter project they must drive a belt driven axes XY but for some reason when they are in holding position, are not enough strong. Just a little manual pressure on the axis, and they moves about 10mm in both directions like a spring. I can see how the motor shaft moving.
This is not mechanical issue from the belts. I’m very beginner with servos and I don’t know is it normal or not, but seems not good.

I tried to change Bandwidth and Ratio of inertia and have had some luck. The system is strong enough but very unstable. Shaking, sounds bad like ultrasonic.

Any ideas will be more than welcome.

Thank you very much