Finally finished my new Designer CNC Machine!

Large travel, 4' x 8'. Focus on inexpensive materials (LVL), light-weight stable Z-axis, and modern control (Arduino Grbl).
Chain driven X/Y, with ballscrew & bevel gear Z-axis. 5 amp motors.

I started this machine way back in 2014. The first inspiration was the use of angle aluminum attached to LVL lumber for stable,
long travel with no deflection, and using a standard bearing throughout the design to save cost. LVL is significantly cheaper than aluminum extrusion at this size.
My original goal was a large machine for artist-scale works over 4' x 8' with a deep Z-axis.
The machine was moved and reassembled in 2018. The final build happened in 2021 with new Z-axis design using 90 degree bevel gears.
This design allowed for a much lighter, more stable Z-axis as the motor is not mounted vertically and can also be smaller. Linear rails provide lateral and vertical stability.
An off-the-shelf ballscrew & bearing block assembly (only $40!) saved me a lot of trouble and came with two blocks, nut and coupling.
The final machine has a precision around 1mm and travel over 2700mm (2.7 meters, 8.8 ft).